Fight against HIV

Hetero’s contribution to HIV treatment:

Hetero brings in its philosophy of “universal access to medicines at affordable prices” in underdeveloped and developed markets. The dimension of our research of any product starts with the philosophy of “How to make the product accessible to patients who need it”.

Unlimited needs can be met by having a “Cost effective process” which gives scope to a huge number of patients in line with Herero’s vision of alleviation of the suffering of millions of people who need access to medicines and Hetero is committed to their well being.

Hetero is committed to supply affordable medicines to people living with HIV/AIDS and various other neglected diseases around the world. With more than 30 ARV molecules and combinations approved by WHO and USFDA and many more in the pipeline, we have been one of the first companies to have received WHO approval since 2003 and since then we have been developing products for 1st line, 2nd line and 3rd line ARV’s.

It is our endeavor to supply to all middle income, low income, least developed and Sub-Saharan African countries by ensuring wide spread registration, and commercializing newly licensed products by filing with FDA or WHOPQ within 18 months of signing a license agreement. We ensure that these medicines are not only accessible but also affordable. By virtue of participating in CHAI ceiling price agreement, we have publicly made available the price information on the ARV formulations.

We work closely with all international agencies and have dialogues on current capacities, discontinuation of products etc. so that the international community is well informed on all the aspects of continuous supply of products. We also participate in forecasting and consultative meeting with the international agencies.


By our consistent efforts, approximately 2.2 million patients in the generic accessible countries are receiving high quality and affordable medicines. We have dedicated manufacturing facilities with huge capacities to cater to and meet the requirements of countries with high HIV/AIDS prevalence rates. However, it has been our constant attempt to reach out to the maximum number of patients, knowing that still millions are deprived of access to treatment and have been working closely with the international communities with continuous scale up.


We would also like to highlight the fact that Hetero has started the development of pediatric products in spite of the low volumes. This shows the commitment of Hetero in treating patients. Another highlight is the fact that Hetero has developed and brought into the markets a number of FDC’s to match the WHO preferred regimes.

1. Hetero has been supplying ARV’s to approximately 2.5 million patients across 125 countries.

2. Hetero is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of ARV formulations and API’s both in Indian andOverseas markets. We are a vertically integrated and cost effective ARV’s supplier for many donor programs with strong pipelinesof 2nd and 3rd line ARV’s.We also supply our quality API’s to various other formulation manufacturers.

3. Hetero as a company values Intellectual property and we had signed agreements withvarious MNC’s to make the HIV medicines more affordable.

4. Hetero is committed to develop and commercialize appropriate pediatric FDC’s as per WHO preferred regimens.

5. Hetero is dedicated towards its mission to make medicines affordable and reachable with various partners we work with, like SCMS, UNICEF, PAHO, CHAI, IDA FOUNDATION and WHO.We continue to strive and stretch our abilities to make the lives of HIV patients much better and last longer.

6. We have builtadequate capacitiesand assure of continuous supply to various donors and procurement agencieswith shorter lead times.

7. We commercialize the newly licensed products by filing with FDA and WHO within 18 months of signing a license.

8. We submit the files to register ARV products in all the lower and middle income countries within 12 months of receiving WHO and FDA approvals.

9. Hetero created capacities for further expansion in ARV’s so that Hetero can contribute to the aggressive goals set by MDG to treat 15mn patients by 2015.
Dr. Bandi Parthasaradhi Reddy
Global Presence